Everything that we do is about enabling co-farmers to achieve. Our focus is not on disability, but on co-farmers’ ability, and we use the rich opportunity offered by a working farm with its seasonal practices and outdoor activities, to bring out each person’s abilities and strengthen them – enabling co-farmers to build life and work skills, to make friends, and to have fun.

Co-farmers engage in animal husbandry, horticulture and other purposeful activities on the farm throughout the year.  We offer a friendly, responsive and person-centred environment where co-farmers feel valued for their contribution to the life of the farm.

Oxford Eggs

Our co-farmers play an active role in FAI Farm’s organic, free-range egg enterprise, gaining work experience, learning about work culture, and delivering to customers around Oxford.  Co-farmers learn how to collect, check, grade and pack eggs, while working towards a nationally accredited award.  On Fridays, co-farmers accompany FarmAbility staff to deliver eggs to customers in the city.  To learn more, please contact sarah@farm-ability.org.uk.