On the 13th and 15th February, FarmAbility was invited to join the Oxford University Museum of Natural History for their half-term event looking at the wonderful chicken!

FarmAbility at the Museum
A co-farmer helps a young visitor with the egg-packing challenge

We were pleased to offer a number of activities to visitors. One of the most popular was an egg-packing challenge where young visitors raced to safely pack a tray of eggs into boxes as quickly as they could. It got very competitive, honours being won in the end by a young local who packed 5 boxes of eggs in a truly impressive 16 seconds!

We also had the opportunity to show visitors what happens when you soak an egg in vinegar: the calcium making up the hard eggshell is dissolved away, leaving the egg held together only by the inner membrane. Many of our visitors were amazed to see feel the difference between the normal egg and the shell-less egg! We also got the chance to talk about what we do on the farm with some of the visitors, which we always enjoy.

The co-farmers and volunteers who came with us did an amazing job talking to the visitors, egging them on to do the packing challenge faster, explaining the shell-less eggs, and generally being great representatives for everything we do at the farm. Thanks so much to everyone involved.