Our lovely Dartmoor pony Breeze has left us for a while to keep a friend company during the winter, but we’re pleased to say that Dahrish hasn’t been left on his own for the past couple of weeks! We are really delighted to say that we have been joined by two fantastic horses with whom our co-farmers have been and will be working!


Marlene is a miniature Shetland pony who likes nothing better than being scritched and making friends. She’s proved to be fantastic with the co-farmers so far – a real calming presence for those who need appreciate a peaceful environment. Also she’s worked out that if co-farmers are around she’s likely to be fed soon, and my oh my does she love her food.


Monty is a large Cob horse who is absolutely best friends with Marlene – he’s very protective of her but as long as he knows where she is, he’s super lovely. You shouldn’t let his size fool you: he’s very gentle and is very amenable to being led to and from the fields by co-farmers. Having a different personality to the jolly Marlene and the very fancy Dahrish, it’s great to have a new and different type of horse for our co-farmers to work with.

We’re very thankful to their owner Jane for lending them both to us: we’re counting ourselves very lucky to have such excellent support!